History & Awards

1994 – R&F Properties commences in Guangzhou

R&F Properties embarks on the development of properties specialising in urban improvement and the construction of liveable communities.

2001 – R&F Properties faces large transformation projects

R&F successfully completes large-scale residential projects including R&F New Homes, R&F Square, R&F Peninsula and R&F West Garden, with a total area of more than 2.5 million sqm in Guangzhou. As a result of these substantial contributions to the urbanisation of Guangzhou, R&F Properties grows into an enterprise.

2002 – R&F Properties moves to Beijing

R&F Properties acquires 48.78 hectares of land parcels within Beijing’s East Third Ring Road. Here the urban complex flagship project ‘Beijing R&F City’ is built integrating residential, business, relaxation, fitness, entertainment and shopping elements into one high-quality community located in Beijing’s CBD.

R&F Properties continues with benchmark projects winning accolades and praise, including the prestigious ‘Beijing Property Industry Leader’ award.

2005 – R&F Properties lists on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 2777) breaking many records

In May R&F Properties is included as one of the top 200 marketed enterprises in Hong Kong and becomes the first continental property corporation listed in the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, Hang Seng Composite Index Series and Hang Seng Free float Adjusted Factor Series. These accomplishments not only add to R&F’s reputation, they also attract a large number of investors worldwide.

2007 – R&F Properties develops a long-term view

From 2004 to 2007 R&F Properties works on 16 projects in Pearl River becoming a commercial leader in Guangzhou’s CBD. Other projects contributing to this title are first-rate office buildings such as the Guangzhou R&F Centre, Beijing R&F Centre, Guangzhou R&F Yinglong, Guangzhou R&F Yingtai, Guangzhou R&F Yingxin, and large-scale commercial complexes; Beijing R&F Plaza, Chengdu Tianhua Mall and Chongqing R&F Community, as well as the development of high-quality office buildings, commercial projects and international first-rate hotels all located within the CBDs of the large cities of South-China, North-China and the central part of China.

R&F Properties also joins forces with the three largest international hotel management corporations: Hyatt Corporation, Marriot International Inc. and Intercontinental Hotels Group to work on first-rate hotels: Guangzhou Fuli Ritz-Carlton, Fuli Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing Fuli Marriot and Fuli Easy Holiday Hotel. The company predicts that it in five years’ time it would have completed 20 five-star hotels in different parts of China.

2009 – R&F Properties receives Awards and Accolades

  • Listed in 100 largest enterprises in Guangdong
  • 30 Strongest Property Developer in China
  • Top 10 Leader in Property Development

2010 – R&F Properties adopts the ERF strategy

R&F Properties continues to grow from strength-to-strength developing and carrying out a strategic, scientific and standard management plan for the planning, land acquisition, development, designing, purchasing of materials, construction, marketing, delivery, and properties management processes.

  • 2010 China’s Largest Property market Influencer
  • 2010 China’s 10 Largest Properties Developers
  • 2010 China’s Top Stock Exchange Listed Enterprises

2011 – R&F property Australia receives awards and accolades

  • 2011 Guangdong City’s Top 10 Leaders in Housing
  • 2011 China Most Outstanding Property Developer
  • 2011 China’s Top 30 Property Development Companies
  • 2011 China’s Top 20 Strongest Property Developer
  • 2011 One of China’s Most Socially Responsible Enterprises

2014 – R&F Properties emerges into the Western market

R&F Property Australia is born.

An exciting year for R&F Properties – its first projects working within the western market in Australia. A variety of projects are already in the pipeline for Melbourne and Brisbane, with plans to enter other Australian cities in the future. In line with R&F’s previous projects, the company will bring high quality dwellings to the Australian public sphere.

2015 – R&F Property Australia secure first Australia Project

R&F Property Australia secures 1 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, with plans to develop a three-tower mixed-use development comprising of residential and commercial space.