Mission & Vision


Creating communities through sustainable development.

Our Vision

“To continue strengthening our stringent standards to bring the very best high-class structures to Australia, while remaining socially responsible.”

Adapting to change and riding the urbanisation trend has been R&F Properties’ focus in recent years. We strive to create superior value for customers and construct flagship commercial and residential buildings for leading cities. R&F Property Australia aims to provide value, growth opportunities and stable expansion for our business by moving into mixed-use development projects.

R&F Properties aims to widen its reach and increase its footprint throughout the world, venturing into the South East Asian property market in Malaysia and more recently tackling the Western market here in Australia.

Our Values

R&F Property Australia runs on these 3 core values:

1. Integrity

Our company demonstrates integrity in everything we do right from the time we carefully secure a land area to the dexterous construction phase of our buildings and developments. We trust that if we do things correctly, responsibly and honestly, we will yield positive results for all stakeholders.

2. Innovation

Innovation is in R&F’s DNA. As an organisation we take calculated risks and inspire creative thinking in order to ultimately add value for all involved in the project development process.

3. Adaptability

At R&F Property Australia we are eager to embrace change to suit the ever-present needs of the urbanisation trend. We are constantly looking to improve areas of our business and understand the need to be flexible to support last minute changes and demands of our projects.

“Now, R&F Property Australia strive to bring this same innovative forward-thinking to develop better cities here in Australia”

Our Responsibilities

To create value for our customers

R&F Property Australia strives to create superior value for its customers. Our building processes from site selection, to building and aftermarket property management, always adhere to stringent quality controls every step of the way. Site selection is key as R&F Properties aims to make comprehensive evaluations taking in all ecological, economical and transportation considerations of the land before the very best site is secured.

Manage a city and create urban symbols

R&F Properties has witnessed the rapid urbanisation in China, and has proudly been a driver behind it.

Not only have we developed market leading, innovative projects and residential buildings in 11 major cities, but have also transformed the skyline of old fatigued cities into modern, energetic metropolises such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing just to name a few. For example, R&F Properties transformed an old factory site in the East Third Ring of Beijing into the R&F Centre Beijing with high-quality residential units creating a true sanctuary very close to the bustling CBD centre of Beijing. Now, R&F Property Australia strive to bring this same innovative forward-thinking to develop better cities here in Australia.

Integrated operation

As a leading property developer, R&F Properties continually challenges itself to improve day-by-day and also strives to advance and challenge the entire property development industry. Our expertise spans the whole production chain and our stringent rules and regulations clearly list the steps needed for each stage of the production. As a result of this ‘closed circle’ production chain, we possess greater quality control, ensuring a smooth and stable production process and superior quality structures.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is of utmost importance to our company. We understand that construction may cause some inconvenience for communities. However we are dedicated to catering for the needs and expectations of these communities. Over the years we have made generous contributions and donations to education, health, safety, aged care in various areas totalling approximately CNY 400 million (approx. $86 million AUD).