Our People

Executive Team

James Cui

General Manager

James has over a decade of experience in property management, property design and architecture with a portfolio of more than 20 significant mixed-use developments up his sleeve. After graduating from the School of Architecture of Tianjin University in 2003, he attained registration as a First-Class Registered Architect from the National Board of Architectural Accreditation. Prior to R&F Property Australia he was Director of the Architecture Department at the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design.

James has held a significant role in many landmark R&F developments in China including: Beijing Tongzhou R&F Plaza; Beijing Grand Royal Canal; R&F Plaza, Nanjing; Beijing Huilanmeiju Project; R&F Shangyueju Project and; R&F Shanghai Hongqiao Project.

Today he oversees crucial components of the R&F Property Australia business, leading a dedicated team of 35 passionate individuals.

Amy Zhang

Deputy General Manager

Miss Zhang has been with the R&F Properties group for an impressive 6 years. Beginning her career with the company as Vice General Manager in Beijing, she has brought her extensive expertise and passion here to Australia. Amy is in charge of the human resources, administration, design, and cost control departments. She graduated from a Masters in Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering from Tsinghua University, School of Civil Engineering.

Simon Deng

Deputy General Manager

Simon Deng has been a vital member of the R&F group for three years with a very particular expertise in real estate construction management. Managing our Construction & Infrastructure Department, he has been a part of leading significant developments into the construction phase such as R&F Jinshazhou housing project, R&F Well Centre project and TIAN XI residential project. After graduating from the Civil Engineering Department of the School of Business from Guangzhou University in 2004, Simon held a post in the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, the largest construction company in China, and holds a Grade 1 construction engineer professional qualification in project management, supervision and construction.

Vincent Chen

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Chen has been with the company since its establishment in Australia and is in charge of Marketing and Development. Having previously worked for Prosperity International Holdings in Guangzhou, he has attained an expansive insight into the property development industry and carries this knowledge to overlook the crucial areas of marketing, sales, lease, project funding, and legal. Vincent undertook business administration studies at China’s Shenzhen University in 2001 he commenced a Bachelor of Marketing (2005-2006) at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.


Li Sze Lim

Co-Founder, Chairman

Zhang Li

Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer